My name is Marco Minzoni, born in Italy in 1994. I attended an artistic High School (Liceo Artistico Dosso Dossi, Ferrara), and then 3 years at Politecnico di Milano, Communication Design, graduating with Honour and Distinction. I’m currently attending a MA at London College of Communication, Branding and Identity.

I’m professionally detailed and precise. I can work in the field of Graphic Design in general, going from digital photography, to photographic post-production, up to book layout, bookbinding, to editing of video and animation. Thanks to my experiences I have developed the ability to work both independently and in a group. Through group works in school, work experience and other team sports practiced over the years, I understand the importance and the value of working in a group. I developed the ability to relate to other people on several occasions, getting the consciousness of the value of teamwork and its importance and its role within a team. As a student living away from home, I have learned to manage the home environment and to acquire self-sufficiency through a personal organization. Through work and sport, instead I learned the value of responsibility in administering people and roles within a group.

At school and during an internship in a couple of graphic studios, I acquired technical skills related to computer use (complete management of the Adobe Creative Cloud package), the digital printing machinery (toner and laser), the binding instruments (both manual and mechanical), and professional digital photographic equipment (from production to the post production). Through school I learned skills in visual arts such as technical and architectural drawing, illustration with various techniques (watercolor, acrylic, tempera), life drawing, creating artifacts built by hand in different materials (clay, wood). I like and I’m comfortable practicing manual labor.

I recently realized projects in the field of branding and video making. I have acquired skills of directing, video creation, video editing, and motion graphics. I’m specializing in brand communication in all its forms, taking care of both strategy and graphics, through various communication campaigns and tools.

I treasure the punctuality and precision, which I regard as fundamental and necessary for a professional. I’m relaxed in oral communication, even in front of many people. I like to stay fit and play sports, that is forming both physically and mentally, and relational.